About Us

Redimpact was founded in 2007 to bring to clients a unique approach to communication, combining strong marketing expertise, inspired creative ideas and excellent technology understanding.
Since then, our team has helped many brands and establishments make inroads in their communication by assisting them to build strategies, creative campaigns and digital plans that strongly impact their customers, making it worth the investments.
Our team of young talents share a passion for ideas and design thinking and are uniquely trained to work closely with brands and establishments to develop communication activities that are not only creative but also effective.

Our Philosophy

Passion for ideas and design thinking

We enjoy crafting ideas for our clients and seeing them create impact for our clients. We are always curious to explore new ways and uncover novel creative solutions. We embrace multiple disciplines to help design the most holistic projects for our clients

Seeking excellence in everything we do

We consistently work to deliver work of the highest standard. We seize every opportunity to acquire new techniques and skills and apply them in our work. We don’t accept ongoing weaknesses and work to find long-term solutions to improve them

Team or nothing

We understand we can deliver excellent work only with solid contributions from several external and internal stakeholders. We deliver our commitment to the team and help team members deliver their commitment. We celebrate team success as team success and then individual success

We are authentic and open

We say what we think, with respect. We are open to ideas and opinions from others, even if we don't agree with them. We celebrate the tension of opposing ideas and use it to build even stronger ideas and plans. We admit our mistakes and learn from them

We embrace our human side

We value our clients and coworkers as people and show them all the respect and personal support we can. We look for every opportunity to make our work a pleasant experience and our lives more fulfilling

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